Unplug and recharge.

We all need to drop by the oasis from time to time.  That’s where you gather your strength, rest and reflect, and replenish yourself.

Because no matter how strong or determined you are, if you are out of synch and out of balance, you simply can’t be your best self.  If you don’t rest appropriately, everything starts to break down.  Failure to rest takes its toll on your work, health, and personal relationships.

Rest is valuable.  

Take time to unplug, sleep, play, and reconnect.  Replenish your mind and body, heart and spirit.  

Tree and greathouseI’d like to invite you to join me for a week of deep rest.   Continue reading “Unplug and recharge.”

Moving towards living.

My last fieldnote was about loving the body you have, because it changes a bit every day.  Sometimes, it changes a lot all at once.

I just finished reading Waking:  A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence.  It is the story of Matthew Sanford.  He is a yoga teacher, a husband and father.  He is also paralyzed from the chest down.  When he was 13, he was in car accident that killed his dad and sister. He was asleep in the back seat of the car and woke up days later in the hospital.  His body suffered massive trauma, including damage to his spinal cord. Continue reading “Moving towards living.”

Everyone is a different version of you.

A man I didn’t know spoke to me as I waited to cross the street.  “Great class, wasn’t it?” I looked to my left and he was looking ahead, and the light changed, and we began to walk together.  We talked about yoga, which we had in common.  I mentioned a recent break-up that had left me reeling.  He said he understood.  He’d had a similar experience last winter.  I told him I was going to Bali in the fall.  He stopped and pulled a Lonely Travel guide to Bali out of his backpack.  He was going to Bali in 10 days.  I started laughing.  “It’s like you’re a different version of me!”

Kindred spirits.  You know when you meet them.  There’s a certain click Continue reading “Everyone is a different version of you.”

Fieldnotes and clues.

Today I feel overwhelmed with desire, happiness, and a sense of yearning.   I remember my yoga and meditation training, and I try to simply soften and open to it.  I relax the muscles in my face and belly and feel my breath slow deepen.  I try to feel everything:  the sun on my neck, the weight and texture of my sweater, that spark and flutter and reach in my heart. Continue reading “Fieldnotes and clues.”

Keep moving.

Last week I was in Hawaii, and while I spent a fair bit of time sitting by the ocean and reading, I also swam, hiked, and played with yoga.  It felt fantastic, and I kept coming back to this idea:

The body wants to move.

It was such a pleasure to be out in fresh air and sunlight.  I loved feeling the sand between my toes, and floating in the ocean.  I felt more attuned to the fact that even when laying on Continue reading “Keep moving.”