Love the body you wake up with.

There is a sweet and beautiful moment that happens every morning.  As you lie in bed, heavy and warm, your heart and lungs gently snuggled against each other, each soft breath and loyal heart beat pressing you from the inside out, you begin to wake up.  Your breath shifts so slightly.  You become aware of being in bed, of the weight and heat of your body beneath the covers, of how the sheets feel against your skin.

Savor that moment, the waking.

Stretch, and feel movement return to your limbs.  Notice the length and reach of your arms, your legs.  Spread your fingers and toes, just like you did when you were an infant.

You were a beautiful baby.  You were such a tiny creature, and even though you’ve grown, that same pure essence of breath and movement and life permeates you.

Your body is always changing.  Every morning you wake up a little bit different.  This has been true since the day you were born.

Love this body, the body you wake up with.  No matter what.  You only have it for a moment.  Love it each breath of the way.  (If you wake up beside someone else, love that body, too.)

Be curious.  Savor all of it.

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With thanks and love,