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I come from a line of farmers and teachers.

My mom grew up in the Philippines, working on a sugarcane plantation as a child and becoming the first of her family to go to college.  She founded a school near her village.  My dad grew up in the farmland of the Midwest United States and became a teacher, then joined the Peace Corps.  He coached athletes for international track & field competitions.

All of this is to say that I grew up hearing a lot of stories about the importance of education, hard work, and helping others.  My parents also instilled in me the value of travel — not just in terms of going to other places in the world, but in the sense of going beyond what is familiar.  Where you grow up might not be where you end up.  You might be the first in your family to go beyond.

I believe that we are each gifted with a life. We are here to learn and grow, and make a positive contribution with our gifts.

Learning how to unwind your old stories and write new ones is sacred work.  Learning how to honor your past and design your future is a worthy effort.  Live with intention.  Be present.  Share your gifts.

This is how we make good use of our time on the planet, and light the path for others.


Kim Nicol, JD, PCC is a certified coach.  She helps kind, ambitious people live and lead more mindfully — so they can make good use of their time and enjoy meaningful success in their life.    

She is a former lawyer who now brings mindfulness to the workplace through workshops, 1:1 coaching, and as host of The New Manager Podcast.

Kim holds multiple degrees from Santa Clara University and completed coach training at UC Davis, Own The Room Coach Academy, and The Life Coach School.  She is a credentialed member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  Kim also trained as a yoga teacher and teaches at WITHIN meditation studio.  She lives in San Francisco.

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