Kim Nicol - headshot

Kim Nicol is an executive coach and mindfulness teacher who helps people develop the self-awareness and relational skills they need to be more effective at work and life.  She coaches her clients to be more present, feel more calm, and develop more trusting and satisfying relationships with work, life, and self.

She teaches mindfulness, emotional wellness, and self-care strategies that are essential for leaders managing their energy and attention in today’s world of stress, overstimulation, and distraction.

Her private practice offers one on one coaching sessions so managers and individuals can focus on more confidence, increased energy, being skillful with emotions, developing clarity of vision, building better relationships and feeling more safe, free and empowered.

In addition to her own practice, Kim also serves as a Lead Coach with Own The Room, developing communication skills in seasoned and emerging leaders at companies like Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Lyft, Ripple, and others.

Today, Kim continues to bring mindfulness to the workplace through a variety of compelling workshops and speaking engagements, helping professionals become better versions of themselves, and taking both their work and personal lives to the next level.