I’m an introvert at heart with a creative spirit, and I’m fascinated by growth and stories.

What are the stories you tell about yourself?  What might be possible if you chose a new story going forward?

You are writing the story of your life as you go.  What is this next chapter about?

I grew up hearing stories of transformation:  of my mother’s childhood in a small village in the Philippines, of my father’s early years on a small farm in the Midwest, and how they each created a path beyond the edges of the familiar.  Eventually their paths crossed, and they moved to California to begin a new life.

In my 20s I went to law school, studied International Human Rights, clerked in the Public Defender’s office, and externed for a Federal District Court judge. I passed the California Bar Exam.

But along the way, I had learned a lot more about myself and the legal profession.

I think I’m in the wrong place, I thought.  And so I pivoted, working in one of the top legal publishing companies.

In my 30s, I was a Director managing a team of 18 and a $3M content portfolio.

Then, a series of happenings over about 2 years shook me up and I asked myself the question that changed my life:

If I lived my life as though it mattered to me, what would that look like?

Your life matters. You didn’t come here to just go through the motions.

I suddenly saw that I was giving my life away to a job, a career that didn’t mean anything to me.  And because of what I had experienced of loss — you truly never know how much time you get on the planet — I was no longer ok with just going through the motions.

What do you want to do with your time on the planet?

How do you want to live?

What do you really want to offer, to contribute?

Who do you want to be?

Answering those questions has brought me here.

You are gifted with a life.  You do not get to keep it, you only get to give it away.

How do you want to live the gift of your life?



Kim Nicol, JD, PCC is a life coach with expertise in mindfulness and leadership.  She helps leaders grow in confidence and reach their goals without sacrificing their well-being.  She facilitates mindfulness workshops for corporate off-sites and wellness initiatives. 

As a Program Manager on the Learning & Development team at LinkedIn, Kim created the Compassion & Accountability program for managers and facilitated team-building sessions for sales teams. She holds multiple degrees from Santa Clara University, and completed coach training at UC Davis and The Life Coach School.  Kim is also a meditation teacher and Reiki practitioner.  She lives in San Francisco.