This Mindfulness Workshop is an invitation to pause and connect with yourself, the present moment, and others in your community.

You will want to have something to write with (e.g. your favorite pen, marker, colored pencil. . .), a piece of paper (a post-it note is fine!), and maybe a notebook, to write down any insights along the way.

This is an interactive workshop, and you will get to practice a mindfulness activity with others in the group.

Workshops are currently available virtually.

The great thing about a Zoom-hosted workshop is that it allows you to connect with your community, no matter where in the world they are.  Right now, we all want to feel connected and experience the peace that comes from being present.

I work with each client based on their needs and intentions.

Workshop length can range from 60-mins to a full day.


I work with incredible organizations, including:



If you’d like to explore having me facilitate a mindfulness workshop for your group, fill this out and we’ll talk.