Kim Nicol is a mindfulness teacher and executive coach. Her calming presence and holistic approach create powerful transformations for her clients. 


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I work with companies and individuals, providing experiences that expand human capacity and support growth.  Contact me to open a conversation about what you need and how I can help.

1:1 Coaching:  It’s all about you and your personal journey.

Workshops:  Interactive experiences for your group or team, to build connection and the soft-skills that are essential to a high-functioning workplace:  Mindfulness for Hustlers, Essential Skills for New Managers, and Mindful Communication.  My upcoming workshops at General Assembly are posted here.

Speaking:  Engaging and educational talks for your event.

Facilitation:  Building coaching capacity and shared learning within your company, and making meetings more effective.

Retreats:  Unplug from the daily hustle and grind, prioritize self-care, increase your self-awareness through reflection and diving deep into your personal growing edge.  Learn more about my upcoming Self-Care Retreat for Introverts.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of extraordinary organizations, including:  






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I know the word meditation alone can seem daunting–once I felt that way, too.  If not for Kim’s easy practice to get me started, I’m not sure I would have seen it all the way through.  I assure you that if I hadn’t, I’d probably still be on a construction job site at 3:00am in Kentucky somewhere.  Kim’s meditation and teachings have 100% changed my mindset and my life.

Heath Armstrong – Entrepreneur, Founder of Fist Pumps LLC

I uncovered strengths and weaknesses that I’ve shoved under the rug, and it feels freeing to now be able to embrace them. Thank you for the way you listen, and share your calm and positive energy.  It was exactly what I needed.

Priya Iyer – Sr. Analytics Lead, Genentech

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