Coaching for kind, ambitious people who are making a positive contribution in the world.

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A small shift creates big change.

Your most powerful position is always in the present moment.

Because that is where you choose.

What are you choosing — and not choosing?

I work with kind, ambitious people who want to make a positive contribution in the world. 

I coach on mindset and skills, including:

  • Boundaries
  • Confidence and Self-Trust
  • Being Present
  • Strategic Thinking

This helps you overcome:

  • Self-Doubt
  • People-Pleasing
  • Overwhelm
  • Staying small

So you can:

  • Stop being seen as just a workhorse
  • Go after bigger opportunities
  • Speak up for yourself and others
  • Feel more safe and at peace, no matter what
  • Have more time and energy for the people and activities that matter most

Coaching is results-oriented.

You will see results in both your work and personal life, because they are connected.

We work together 1:1 for six months.  To get started, book a consult.

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