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Being a new manager means having more responsibility and visibility — at the exact time you’re doing something you’ve never done before.

Insecurity may flare up in the form of self-doubt and second guessing yourself.

You might think you’re supposed to already know how to do this, and fear that people will find out you don’t.

And if you’re under-represented in your workplace or industry, then you’ll likely feel even more pressure to fit in and prove yourself.   You might wonder if you need to conform to the management style you see around you, or if it’s ok to do things your own way.

It’s exhausting.

Most organizations aren’t set up to offer new managers the support they need when they need it.  It’s common practice to just let new managers figure it out on their own.

And yes, you will figure it out eventually, in time.

But if you want to learn now and get better now, I can help.

You will:

  • understand why you feel overwhelmed, anxious and self-doubting, and connect to your authentic confidence instead.
  • develop the mindset and skills that managers need to be successful, including:  strategic thinking, effective communication, and decision making.
  • learn how to be effective when managing up, and managing different personalities.
  • create a plan for feedback (giving, receiving, and requesting), and know how to speak up to advocate for yourself and your team when needed.

With coaching to help you put new awareness and ideas into practice, you will spend less time in overwhelm, ruminating, and feeling stressed.

You will have more time and energy, better boundaries, and a better overall experience as a manager.

You don’t have to do it alone.

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