Receive compliments with grace.

I was nervous, my heart pounding as I waited in the alcove for my music to start, and when it did I stepped onto the stage and into the light and I danced.  It didn’t go quite as I had practiced.  Being nervous made me clumsy, and the stage felt smaller than it looked.  I got distracted when my earring fell off, and I forgot a step.  I improvised until I found my place again.  I hoped my mouth wasn’t doing the trembly frowny thing it does when I feel nervous and try to hide it.  I’m not very good at hiding my feelings. Continue reading “Receive compliments with grace.”

Keep moving.

Last week I was in Hawaii, and while I spent a fair bit of time sitting by the ocean and reading, I also swam, hiked, and played with yoga.  It felt fantastic, and I kept coming back to this idea:

The body wants to move.

It was such a pleasure to be out in fresh air and sunlight.  I loved feeling the sand between my toes, and floating in the ocean.  I felt more attuned to the fact that even when laying on Continue reading “Keep moving.”