Meditation and intimacy.

There is a longing for connection that is part of being a human.  A desire to be seen, heard, and accepted just as you are.  To be welcomed and loved unconditionally.  No masks, no hiding, no posturing.  No matter where you are on your career path, and no matter what status symbols you’ve acquired.  Even if you don’t feel your best (especially then).  Even when you feel far from perfect.  When you’re confused, or frustrated, or just terribly sad.  Yet also:  when you feel radiantly beautiful and strong.  When you feel happy and attractive, and excited for your life.  We wish to connect and be accepted then, too. Continue reading “Meditation and intimacy.”

See the world, see your self.

This post is about travel, but it starts by noting that I am the child of two amazing people.  My mother grew up in the Philippines, and it was a very long time before I realized that not everyone’s mother knew how to wield a machete.  (It is an excellent gardening tool, and there is nothing better for taking the top off a coconut, which she demonstrated with grace on a family vacation to Hawaii.) My father grew up in a very small town in the Midwest and joined the Peace Corps.  He coached athletes for international competition, traveled through Africa, Asia, and Europe, and read me Kipling and the Olympic creed when I was young. Continue reading “See the world, see your self.”

A gift, with love, on my birthday.

There was a day you emerged into this world, and you were tiny, perfect, and loved.  You were perfect not because of your accomplishments.  You were loved not for your achievements.  You were perfect, because you were here now, brand new to this world and so full of life.  You were loved simply because you were alive.

There were no conditions upon your arrival.  You simply were.  Loved.  So sweetly and powerfully beloved.

No matter what came later.  Continue reading “A gift, with love, on my birthday.”

Be a ninja.

I wanted to call this post “How to keep your inner chill when surrounded by crazy people,” but that felt too long and not quite the point I want to make.

I’m thinking about the Bar Exam.  Also certain family gatherings.  And occasional corporate town hall meetings.  Any time I felt like I was surrounded by people who were kinda crazy, and I was concerned about getting sucked down into the crazy with them. Continue reading “Be a ninja.”

Taste freedom.

We were supposed to meet for dinner, but then I received his text:  I have to cancel.  I have to wind down the company as our funding got pulled tonight.  He is my friend and the company is an extension of his deep belief that there is a better way to do X.  He sees this possibility and so for the last four years has poured himself into making it exist in the world.

And now this.  A kind of freedom. Continue reading “Taste freedom.”

Your attention is valuable.

Your attention might be your most valuable resource.  Everybody wants it.  Companies pay so much money trying to get it.  They create banner ads, commercials, and hand out free samples in the street.  People with clip-boards talk to you on the sidewalk, wanting you to sign for a good cause.  Flyers for the nearby restaurant are slipped under the gate.

Everybody wants your attention.

Your friends and family.  Your lover. Continue reading “Your attention is valuable.”

Everyone is a different version of you.

A man I didn’t know spoke to me as I waited to cross the street.  “Great class, wasn’t it?” I looked to my left and he was looking ahead, and the light changed, and we began to walk together.  We talked about yoga, which we had in common.  I mentioned a recent break-up that had left me reeling.  He said he understood.  He’d had a similar experience last winter.  I told him I was going to Bali in the fall.  He stopped and pulled a Lonely Travel guide to Bali out of his backpack.  He was going to Bali in 10 days.  I started laughing.  “It’s like you’re a different version of me!”

Kindred spirits.  You know when you meet them.  There’s a certain click Continue reading “Everyone is a different version of you.”

Stealth meditation experiment.

It’s January, and each day feels fresh and new.  There’s a relief that comes with releasing the prior year, of shrugging off the accumulated weight of everything that happened (and didn’t happen), the people who came and left, the emotional residue that builds up one day at a time.  Today I still have that clean-slate feeling.  I have a renewed curiosity for Life and what I might do with it while I’m here.  This is the time to open to possibility, and to try things in a new way:  what I eat, how I move, when I wake up, and the like.

The great thing about starting something now is that you get to say, “I’ve been doing this all year,” and even though Continue reading “Stealth meditation experiment.”

Receive love, unconditionally.

I’m at a place in my life where I can look back at all my prior incarnations and feel so much love and compassion for the person I’ve been.  I’ve forgiven her foolishness, and her painful choices.  My heart breaks at her confusion and suffering.  I go easy on her where she is too hard on herself, and beats herself up and has such profound misunderstandings about what’s going on.  She’s doing the best she can. Continue reading “Receive love, unconditionally.”