Stealth meditation experiment.

It’s January, and each day feels fresh and new.  There’s a relief that comes with releasing the prior year, of shrugging off the accumulated weight of everything that happened (and didn’t happen), the people who came and left, the emotional residue that builds up one day at a time.  Today I still have that clean-slate feeling.  I have a renewed curiosity for Life and what I might do with it while I’m here.  This is the time to open to possibility, and to try things in a new way:  what I eat, how I move, when I wake up, and the like.

The great thing about starting something now is that you get to say, “I’ve been doing this all year,” and even though the new year is only 3 days old it’s completely true and feels like it’s been true for ages.  It’s easier to build up momentum!  And it’s fun to say, and it makes me laugh.

So here are some things I’m trying, that I’ve been doing all year:

  • Omitting processed sugar, gluten, and alcohol from my diet.
  • Meditating every morning.
  • Writing every day.
  • Every other day, no internet between 9PM and 9AM.
  • Dance at least once a week.
  • At the end of each day, I make four lists.  First, I write down all the things I did that day that aligned to my heart’s desires.  Next, I list all the things I received that aligned to my heart’s desires.  Then, I list a few things I’d like to do the next day.  Finally, I write down all the things I’d like to receive the next day.  This practice connects me to my heart’s desire, acknowledges what progress I’ve made, and amplifies my appreciation for all the good things that come my way.  I sleep better feeling satisfied and gratified.  It’s awesome.  Have I mentioned I’ve been doing this all year?

There’s something else I’d like to try, but I need help.  It’s a Stealth Meditation experiment.  I want to meet and meditate with people while they are living their regular day.  I want to set up a stealthy meditation meeting and connect by phone in broad daylight.  People will assume you’re in a meeting, or simply taking a walk at lunch.  But really you’ll be dropping into a stealth meditation, and after a brief chat I’ll talk you through a meditation practice.  I’m curious to see what happens if we allow a little meditation slip into the day, even during work or school.

I’ve explained it in more detail here:

(My mobile readers can listen on soundcloud.)

I’m thinking we can book anything from 10-minutes to 30-minutes.  Contact me if you want to set up a time to try this out.  I feel like I’m not being very clear about all this, so I’ll write again and try to do a better job.  But I wanted to get this idea, this invitation, out while it was still fresh!  Because that’s how I’ve been doing things all year long.

Be curious.  Savor all of it.