A gift, with love, on my birthday.

There was a day you emerged into this world, and you were tiny, perfect, and loved.  You were perfect not because of your accomplishments.  You were loved not for your achievements.  You were perfect, because you were here now, brand new to this world and so full of life.  You were loved simply because you were alive.

There were no conditions upon your arrival.  You simply were.  Loved.  So sweetly and powerfully beloved.

No matter what came later. 

This is still true:  you are loved.  You shall never outgrow this truth.

You may forget this, from time to time.

Today, I want you to remember.

Because today is my birthday.  I am 39 years old.  And for my birthday, I wish to have more love in the world.  If you remember that you are loved, unconditionally, just for being you, then that wish comes true.

I recorded a meditation for you.  It’s 05:30 long.  I invite you to find a comfortable seat.  Hit play.  Close your eyes.  Breathe it in.

You can also listen from soundcloud directly.

If you’d like to go with me a little further in this, then tell someone you love one thing that you appreciate or love about them.  Help them remember that they are loved, too.

Look at someone and think, I’m glad you’re here.

Look in the mirror and think, I’m glad you’re here.

Look yourself in the eye and say, I love you.