Stealth meditation experiment.

It’s January, and each day feels fresh and new.  There’s a relief that comes with releasing the prior year, of shrugging off the accumulated weight of everything that happened (and didn’t happen), the people who came and left, the emotional residue that builds up one day at a time.  Today I still have that clean-slate feeling.  I have a renewed curiosity for Life and what I might do with it while I’m here.  This is the time to open to possibility, and to try things in a new way:  what I eat, how I move, when I wake up, and the like.

The great thing about starting something now is that you get to say, “I’ve been doing this all year,” and even though Continue reading “Stealth meditation experiment.”

Keep moving.

Last week I was in Hawaii, and while I spent a fair bit of time sitting by the ocean and reading, I also swam, hiked, and played with yoga.  It felt fantastic, and I kept coming back to this idea:

The body wants to move.

It was such a pleasure to be out in fresh air and sunlight.  I loved feeling the sand between my toes, and floating in the ocean.  I felt more attuned to the fact that even when laying on Continue reading “Keep moving.”