The sacred stir-fry.

Life is like a sacred stir-fry filled with experience and emotion.  You reach in with your spoon, take a bite.  Sometimes it’s everything you like (love, laughter, and chocolate!).  Sometimes it’s everything you don’t (betrayal, disappointment, and eggplant).  In one spoonful you might get both bitter and sweet.

You always go back for more.

Every bite is filled with flavor.  Some are delicious.  Some make your face get all sour and squinty, and you want to spit it out.  It’s just a flavor, an experience, and it will pass.  But savor it, because it’s also part of your life, and therefore sacred.

Savor doesn’t mean enjoy, by the way.  Savor means slow down and really get to know it.  Become intimate.  Experience it fully, my love.  Then, at the end, if someone asks you, “How was it?” you will be able to say, “I tasted every single bite!”

Life’s pretty short.  Be curious.  Savor all of it.