On the inside.

On the inside you’re still that child.  Under all the layers of life and work, of love and relationships, of broken hearts and blind ambition, you still hold the wonder and innocence that you were born with.  When you feel relaxed and safe, when something delights you or captures your attention in a particular way, that child-self comes closer to the surface.  It peeks out from behind your grown-up eyes.  It shines.

I volunteered at hospice because I was curious about how life unwound itself.  Most of the people there were older, but not all.  They each had their own light.  Even when they couldn’t speak.  A glow.

Life keeps living you.  Each breath is rich with living.  Even when we forget to notice.  It is there the entire time.  On the inside.

Which is why I can assure you that you, my darling, are beautiful.  You, my dear, are loved.  Remember this.

Life’s pretty short.  Be curious.  Savor all of it.