Boundless love.

This is another post in my series about TEDxStanford.  I wrote just one note about Aleta Hayes in my program, and it was this:

Boundless love.

Aleta Hayes

I don’t remember now why I wrote that.  I know that I love to dance, and that my body wants to move to music.  I know that dance is a primal and gorgeous form of expression, and that experiencing dance from the inside out is both satisfying and healing.

Dance has made me strong, and more confident in my movement.  It’s helped me to become better friends with my body — learning to partner with myself, no matter what.  Social dancing helps me practice trust, and reminds me that I don’t have to be in charge and in control all the time.  In fact, sometimes it’s better when I’m not.  I practice receiving support with each dip and spin across the floor.  When I performed, each moment was an invitation to be vulnerable by expressing honest emotion with movement.  Beauty, failure, hope, rejection and more had room to move on stage.

Aleta Hayes inspired me to write Boundless love.  What might she inspire you to do?