There’s room for you here.

I’ve been spending time at the Botanical Garden.  It is Spring and so things are blooming.  Also, the Botanical Garden reminds me of someone I care about very much.  Some years ago, before Parkinson’s, we spent an afternoon walking through the garden and he told me all about the plants.

There are some very fascinating plants there:  the aptly-called monkey hand plant, all the feathery and colorful protea from South Africa, and the unusual grass tree from Australia.  There is the century plant that blooms once every ten years, and then dies.

Right now the magnolias are blooming.  They are magnificent.

The big furry buds make me think of prehistoric creatures, perched on bare branches.  And then they burst into audacious pink and white flowers.

There are things I want for my life, and I’m not sure how they might all come to be.  I have clues, and encouragements.  I have inspiration.  I allow desire.  But there’s also a thread of doubt.  A voice saying, “That’s crazy!”

But then, in the garden, I remember that life is full of more possibility and power than I’ll every fully understand.

And seeing all the crazy plants actually makes my desires seem possible, and not that crazy at all.  Some of those plants are so wild looking!  Life takes many shapes.

Magnolias are at once bizarre and elegant, wild and luxurious, wanton and delicate. They gracefully, outrageously, unfurl out of these big furry buds at the bare woody tips of otherwise empty branches.

If there’s room for magnolias, I think there must be room for me.  I’ll bloom in my own weird and wonderful way.

You, too.

Life’s pretty short.  Be curious.  Savor all of it.