Feel everything.

Over the years I’ve explored a number of mindfulness practices.  Each one reveals some clue or treat or tool.  I’ve noticed lately that my baseline emotion has moved towards a more happy and uplifted place — a kind of internal upgrade.

Which is not to say that I don’t also experience sadness, disappointment, frustration, or jealousy.  I still feel everything. I am becoming more sensitive, so am feeling more of everything.  And I’m aware of my feelings in a slightly different way.  They are more fluid.  They move through me more easily and get stuck less often.  They’re more vibrant than before.  Less blinding, yet more intense.

Feel everything.  That is the invitation, and the challenge.  Feel exactly what shows up, whether or not it is welcome.  I notice in myself how quickly I want to fix or change the uncomfortable emotions.  Staying with them, allowing them in, offering them a cup of coffee and just letting them be is something I keep practicing.  I try to remember that there is room for all the feelings.  They are all part of this being human, so all are sacred, and all are allowed here.

That’s unconditional love.  Welcoming whatever shows up.  Offering it a warm drink on a cold day.  Saying, “I see you and I accept and love you exactly as you are.  Come here.”

We are each in the best position to give that gift to ourselves, every moment of every day.

Sometimes I forget.  Writing helps me remember.  And I wanted to share these thoughts with you, in case you had also forgotten.