Entertain a new idea.

Sometimes an idea shows up and it is so ridiculous.  It may slowly arise into clarity, or it might be immediately bright and too loud.  You might discover it on your own, or someone you know could introduce you.  But there it is, a new idea knocking on your door.

I say, open the door and receive the idea as you would a guest.  Invite it in, offer to take its coat, show it to a comfortable seat while you fetch a drink in a clean glass.  Be a good host.  Be curious about your guest, even if you weren’t expecting company.  Even if it makes you a little uncomfortable.

Have a conversation.  Ask what it knows.  Ask the questions that you really want answers to.  Be polite and courteous.  Listen to what the idea has to say, even if it seems crazy.  Especially if it seems crazy.

When you’re ready, say, “I’m so glad you stopped by.  I enjoyed getting to know you.”  Then shake hands and let it continue on its way.

Sometimes a new idea feels scary, or just absurd or impossible.  We run, or we dismiss it.  I think that entertaining an idea is a more interesting and useful choice.  It might change your life, it might rearrange the furniture or create some chaos.  Maybe.  If we’re lucky, a new idea will shine a little light, help us get rid of clutter we don’t need, and introduce us to new delights.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.  ~ Aristotle

When a new idea shows up, be a good host and entertain it.  You might enjoy the experience so much, you’ll plan to meet again later for coffee.