Turning UGHs into HUGs.

My friend Christine is a yoga teacher and international poker player.  She takes her seat at a poker table in Macau, surrounded by Hong Kong businessmen who don’t know what to make of her as she sips her chamomile tea and stretches.  Christine says, “Life, like poker, is a game of skill and chance. You get the cards you get. What matters is how you choose to handle it.”

We’ve all had a moment when it feels like Life has dealt you a sh*tty hand, and sucker-punched you in the gut for no reason. 

Well, a few weeks ago my friend Jenny, who is the photographer behind beards of san francisco, found that all of her gear had been stolen out of the trunk of her car. Thousands of dollars of equipment — gone. UGH. Jenny handled it with extraordinary grace.

A bunch of her friends and fans are helping her get back on her feet, and if you want to join in you can.

We’re gathering on Thursday night, April 17th, at The Mill on Divisidero to raise funds and lift spirits.

I will be there, to celebrate Jenny, and to do what I can to turn this big UGH into an even bigger HUG! If you come, I will hug you. That’s my donation for the night.

And if you can’t come, but want to make a contribution, you can send funds to Jenny via PayPal to: ohhappydawn@gmail.com

If you email me with a screenshot or confirmation of your donation, I will record a love poem for you. I’ll send you the audio file, and you can listen to it whenever you’re feeling down. It will be like an audio hug, from me to you.

Love to those who have ever had something terrible happen, for no reason at all. And love to those who have helped catch you, lift you up, dry your tears, and get you back on your feet. We’ve all been on both sides. Hugs and more hugs for all of the UGHs!


Jenny at the Mill


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