Keep breathing.

I have been getting email requests for advice.  One person in particular had a very intense challenge.  And while I hadn’t experienced the specifics of what she was going through, the emotional tone was so familiar to me.  She was in that dark place.  That hard place, where you feel alone and underneath a great sadness.

I know that place, and I shared some of my thoughts with her.  And now I want to share them with you, in case you ever find yourself there.

When things feel dark, keep breathing.  

When you feel a great sadness or pain, hold it like it was a little baby.  Or a puppy.  Or an anxious bunny.  Don’t try to change it.  Just be with it.

Be tender with it.  Be loving with every aspect of yourself.

Remember that your life is sacred, that you are connected to love, and nothing that ever happens to you can change that.

It’s easy to forget this.  Emotions and thoughts can feel heavy, or fierce, like a thunderstorm that blocks out the sun.

But the sun and blue sky are always there, and no matter how terrible the storm, it can never leave a mark on the sky.

You are full blue sky.  Vast, beautiful, radiant.  That is your true nature.

Remember that when it feels dark, the dark is when the stars come out.  The dark is a place to rest, and to recover your strength.  In the dark it feels like you’re alone, but you are not alone.

Keep breathing.

Keep receiving support from those who love you — your community, your friends.  Let the kind smile from a stranger help.

Keep breathing.


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