Not too big, not too small.

I’m writing on now.  It’s a beautiful, graceful site and it is satisfying to release my words there.  It feels good to see them in the company of other words and writers.

So far I’ve written about being alive, and also a first kiss.  Each post takes about 2 minutes to read, which I know because Medium calculates read-time for each post.  

I’ve loved words my whole life.  I like the poetry and musicality of them.  I like taking them apart, exploring the play and layers of intent within them. I like their shape.  I like making stories and drawing emotions with them.  Words are the tools with which we frame and build everything.  They become containers to hold and share Life and Love, which would otherwise simply slip by and be gone.

I’ve kept a journal for years.  When I am an old woman I think I will enjoy reading them, and remembering the adventures and fears and loves that colored my life.  It’s hard to remember all the details.  But writing them down helps.  And then later, to look back and have it be there.  It’s like leaving a breadcrumb trail back to a former version of yourself.  A life that isn’t there anymore.  You get to peek back into that time.

So if you enjoy my writing, know that you can have more of it by visiting me on Medium.

Savor the day.