Taste the soup.

And what if living your life is like making a soup?  And each experience, each burst of laughter or sudden broken heart is just another ingredient.  A little spice, a dash of seasoning.  You toss it all into the pot, stir it up.


Taste the soup.

Notice if you like it.  If not, adjust the ingredients.

If it burns or just turns out all wrong, you can compost it and begin again.  With this new perspective.

Many people do not taste the soup.  Until one day, they take a slurp, and realize it tastes awful.  Not what they want, at all. They’ve been so busy rushing around, tossing things into the pot, following the recipes of others (“this is how it should be done”).  They forget to taste and find out for themselves.  And then the restlessness and panic settles in, and the fear of wasted time.

No time is wasted.  But you will enjoy it more, and you will be more able to adjust the balance of ingredients in your life (your soup!) in real time if you take time to taste it.

Life’s pretty short.  Be curious.  Savor all of it.