I have the most amazing life.

This is a game I play.  It’s like flexibility training for desire and imagination.  It cultivates internal resilience, curiosity, and confidence.  It releases anxiety and prevents your inner bully from jumping up and smooshing your ideas.  It unleashes the power of curiosity and pleasure, so you can taste pure, open possibility.  It’s a little intoxicating.

You need the right friend for this.  Here’s how it works:

YOU:  “I have the most amazing life.”

FRIEND:  “Oh really?  Tell me all about it.”

YOU:  [saying anything that feels amazing: a floating art studio!  dancing around the world! having magic powers! anything, anything.]

FRIEND: “Wow!  That sounds amazing.”

YOU:  “I know!  It is.  I have the most amazing life.”

And because the writing feels insufficient, I am sharing an audio clip with you, even though there are parts that make me cringe.  But now almost a week has passed and when I try to re-record it I can’t seem to capture the quality of playfulness in the sound.  So I’m going to release this work in progress.

Here’s the backstory:

Had an email exchange with a new friend about what to do when feeling overwhelmed, or unclear about what you want. Or when you want lots of things, and they seem incompatible or mutually exclusive.

Instead of writing back, I decided to record my thoughts. I was walking down Van Ness after teaching class, and it was a bit windy, so that’s the whooshy interference (sorry). I tried re-recording, but I just liked the energy of this first take, so I’m offering it here.

Raw, unfiltered audio fieldnotes.

If you’re reading from a mobile device, you may not see the embedded link above.  But you can access it here on soundcloud.

Be curious.  Savor all of it.