Your body knows.

I was in a relationship.  On the surface everything looked great, yet there was a deeper sense of something being off that would not go away.  I was very rational.  I laid out the pros and cons, and I stayed even though a little voice inside said No, this isn’t working.  I felt deeply conflicted.  There were hits of anxiety. . . a queasiness in the belly.  I’d melt into tears without knowing why.  I was really good at ignoring these feelings.  I really, really wanted this relationship to work.  I think my body knew it was over long before I could admit it to myself.

The body knows so much.  It communicates with sensation, feelings, emotions.

Emotion is a physical, not intellectual, experience.  Notice in your own self.  Delight, apprehension, wonder, grief. . . it all reverberates through your skin and muscle.  You have a gut feeling about something.  Your heart skips a beat.  Your breath catches in your throat.  You break into a cold sweat.

Your body tells you what you feel.  When overwhelmed by a pile of tangled up emotions, just notice what’s there.  Your mind will want to have opinions, of course.  It will ask why you feel it, and will try to organize, rationalize, and explain it all.  The invitation (not always easy) is to tune in more closely to what the body has to say.  For many (for me), the brain is the louder voice.  It’s very bossy and thinks it knows best.  Brain, I love you and right now I really need to hear what my body is saying.  Can you help me listen?

Remember that your body has something to tell you.  Remember to listen.  Be curious.  Know that there are layers.  Look at what’s underneath, and then look underneath that.  There may be treasure waiting for you.