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kim nicol - meditation teacher and mindset coach

Keep Calm and DevFest On – July 2014:  Meditation to Boost Wellness and Performance

  • Office Hours:  Q&A.  As a follow-up to my talk at DevFest, I’m hosting a Q&A session to answer your questions.  Didn’t make it to the live event?  It’s all good!  You can still come and ask your questions about meditation, mindfulness, and how to use them to boost wellness and performance. Join McKesson Insiders to get an invitation.

Listen to this free download! — With over 700 plays, this is my most popular 5-minute meditation to date!  Shift your mindset away from worry and concern so you can enjoy the calm focus that arises when you engage your inherent curiosity and kindness.


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On-site Classes.  I’m working with Chanda Williams, your Health and Wellness Manager, to resume on-site classes in San Francisco.

Online Talks & Programs.  Upcoming topics include:

  • Transforming Stress — Stress is like electricity.  A little bit can energize you.  Too much can fry your circuits and burn you out, causing permanent damage.  Learn how to work with your stress so you feel bright and energized, instead of overloaded and at risk of blowing a fuse.
  • Handling Change — No matter how you view change — whether it’s exciting, exhausting, daunting, or fun — it’s a part of business and a part of life.  So how can you be more effective and resilient when faced with change?  And how can you handle the changes you don’t want, while working towards the changes you do want?  Find out how to stay focused and responsive when the ground is moving beneath your feet.
  • Meaningful Work — The work you do is an enormous part of your life, and a part of the legacy you leave.  You influence more people than you realize — not just your immediate colleagues, but all those connected to your organization.  Just think about the clients, customers, families, and lives you touch every day.  It’s easy to lose sight of that.  Learn how to reconnect to your purpose and find meaning in your work, and feel inspired about what you do and why.
  • Mind-Body Refresh — Meditation and mindfulness are proven tools to help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, reduce your heart rate, increase gray matter, slow the effects of aging, increase happiness and emotional resilience.  But what’s the difference between meditation and mindfulness?  And where do you start?  Get the basics and come away with a clear plan for getting started.

Questions or special requests?  Email me at


One more free meditation for you. . .

The After Exhale is a powerful tool for accessing calm, focused confidence in any moment.  It works by observing a specific point within your breathing cycle.  Once you get the hang of it, try practicing with your eyes open.

Pro Tip:  Listen to this track and practice noticing the After Exhale before any stressful event.  Try it before a stressful meeting or important phone call, or listen to it while you’re on a crowded BART or MUNI ride home.