Self-Care Retreat for Introverts

Have you ever thought:  “I want to go on a retreat, but I don’t always like being around people and what if this group of people don’t feel good for me?”

Yeah, me, too 🙂

That’s why I’m organizing this retreat, with particular care for Introverts.

Every day will have some structured group time — so that you are supported in connecting with others, through gentle facilitation and guided conversations all related to Self-Care.

Every day will also have some free time — so that you can be by yourself, or have a deeper 1:1 conversation, or go read a book, or swim in the pool, or take a nap, or whatever feels good.

You’ll feel more connected to yourself as you relax and replenish.  You’ll be supported through my gentle guidance, the loveliness of the island, and the magic that happens when good people gather together.


Skillful Self-Care

You must take time for yourself.  Self-care is so important for managing your energy as an Introvert in a world that can be loud and demanding.

We will practice:

Meditation 💖
Sitting in stillness and feeling the movement of your breath, connecting with your own aliveness.

Movement 💚
How does your body want to move?  Swim, go for a walk, or try some gentle yoga.

Rest 💜
Read a book, take a nap, be in the hammock.

We’ll get into:

Boundaries 💙
How good are you at saying No? How well do you know and communicate what you’re ok with / not ok with? What do you do when you feel someone oversteps or doesn’t respect your boundary?

Presence 💛
Where’s your attention right now? Where does your attention go when you’re bored? Angry? Fearful? What is the quality of attention you give to people you care about? What is the quality of attention you give to yourself?

Desire ❤️
What do you want? What do you want now? What did you used to want, that you don’t any more? How do you feel about what you want, are there other emotions layered in (like guilt, fear, anxiety, shame)?



Oct. 8th – 13th, 2018.  Plan to arrive SKB before 4:00pm on Monday Oct 8th, and depart anytime on Saturday Oct 13th.

May 2019.  Exact dates TBD.


We’ll be at Montpelier Resort, a boutique luxury property on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean.  I’ve been there many times and love the tranquility, great food, and wonderful staff.  There’s WiFi and each room has AC and ensuite bath.  Most have a private terrace as well!

The closest international airpot is SKB, on St. Kitts.

Montpelier can arrange your airport transfer, making your arrival and departure convenient and hassle-free.


October 2018:  $840 is the per person cost for the workshops and teachings.  Excludes accommodation, meals, flights + transfers, travel insurance.  Room rates start at $150 / night.  If you bring a friend (or are paired with a roommate) the room rate is split and you get a great deal!  Breakfast is included in your room rate.

May 2019:  $1,200 early bird (sign up before Feb 1, 2019), $1,500 regular.  Excludes accommodation, meals, flights + transfers, travel insurance.

Apply to Join Us!

In order to make sure the group chemistry will feel great, please fill out this application so I can learn more about you.  If you want to bring a friend, or if you want to be paired with a roommate, please tell me in section 3., below.

Additional details will be provided when you are invited to attend.