Find the right tuning forks.

Here’s where this comes from:  I recently had my first acupuncture experience, and it included the strike of a tuning fork which was then placed at a point on the sole of my foot.  I’ve also been reading about mirror neurons, learning about the physiology of compassion and empathy, and spending time with professional musicians.

So I’m sinking my teeth into the idea that we are tuning forks for each other.  A tuning fork vibrates and produces a pure tone that guides the instrument home, to that same frequency, to that central resonance.  The vibration is experienced in three dimensions (maybe more?  do we have any experts on string theory in the house?).

What I mean is:  you can feel a sound vibration on your skin.  It’s a physical sensation, not just auditory.  A good vibration can raise the little hairs on the back of your neck, sink into the muscle, ring off the bone, singe your teeth.

This physical resonance lets us touch and sync up with others.  You know how it is to be around someone and they just feel good to be with?  Like that.  And lately people have been telling me, out of the blue, that they feel relaxed around me.  That I am tranquil and serene.  Apparently, I am becoming such a tuning fork.

I have had many amazing teachers in my life who have acted as tuning forks for me.  And life has delivered friends and lovers who have helped me find my truest center when I felt most lost.

When I get out of tune with myself — and it’s easy to drift — these are the people who help me re-align to my highest and best self.

And when transitioning to new territory, let someone else act as a tuning fork to bring you towards your new center point.  When it feels like you’re moving in the dark, when you can’t see the next step, when you feel utterly blind, the good news is that a tuning fork can guide you along the path.  The path is there, even if you can’t see it.  You can feel your way.

So choose to be around people who are good tuning forks for you.  Your body will tell you who those people are.  You will feel the resonance, and the lightness that comes with alignment.  You might also feel a little dizzy or queasy — like altitude sickness.  It’s ok.  Just breathe.  Go slowly.  Let yourself acclimate to this new place, this new vibration.  Tune in.

Savor it.