Map making.

One of my favorite yoga teachers is also a well-known writer.  After class one day I asked him how it came to be.  I think what I said was, “So, you’re a writer and a yoga teacher.  How did that happen exactly?”  He smiled and said, “I made it up.”

We talked a bit more, and this is the clue I found:  It’s ok to explore and not know exactly the shape of it.  Be open.  Do the work.  See where it leads.

It helps to remember that there is no off-the-rack map for this life.  It’s too raw and wild.  You start.  One step leads to another.  You meet the unexpected and improvise.  And so you create a life for which there is no map.  No one can tell you how to get there.  They can offer clues, and support, and maybe tools for the road.  But you find your own path, and you draw the map as you go.  It won’t tell you how to get there.  It will be a picture of how you got there.

We are all doing our best, and trying to figure this out in real time.  (I forget this, often.)

We might look at someone else’s map, which can be useful.  But you’ve got to make your own observations and notes.  If you discover something that is not on the map, please don’t ignore it.  Draw it in.  It’s your map now.

Be curious.  Savor all of it.

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