I’ve written three books about mindfulness, and how to live in a mindful way.

Each is a collection of short observations and meditations on daily life, easily read in one go or in little moments during your day.

I also published a new edition of The Science of Getting Rich:  Updated with Female Pronouns.  I flipped the pronouns from male-centered to female-centered to make this classic text more accessible and enjoyable for contemporary readers.  This edition includes a redesigned cover with flowers, as a symbol of wealth, abundance, growth, and peace of mind.


Meeting Life in a Mindful Way, not in the grand gesture, but in the Everyday moment.

Reflections and guidance for the reader who wants to be more present and skillful in meeting life, Everyday, in a mindful way.

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Sometimes the only way forward is with small steps.

Devotion continues the journey that Offering began, reflecting upon small moments in daily life and revealing insights that are at once personal and universal. This collection will surprise and delight, comfort and inspire, and be like an encouraging friend by your side through your bright and dark days.

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What is it like to meet the world in a mindful way?

Offering invites you on a journey of self-discovery, where the mundane holds more wisdom than meets the eye. In simple language, Offering shows you how to see the world through a mindful lens, while asking questions that invite reflection and personal insight.

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The Science of Getting Rich: Updated with Female Pronouns

The classic book on metaphysics, now updated with female pronouns!  This book was first published in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles.  A friend recommended it to me, but when I looked it up on Amazon I like any of the cover art (yes, I judged a book by its cover!).

This became a passion project — to republish the book with a fresh look and female pronouns, so that the contemporary reader might enjoy it all the more.

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