Exquisite Self-Care for leaders.

Being a leader means things are coming at you all the time, and everyone is looking to you for guidance and direction. It’s a lot of pressure, and can become very isolating and exhausting. Leaders tend to give so much to others that they forget to take care of themselves.


Taking time to pause allows you to shift your perspective:  you can go deep into the details, and also zoom out for a high-level view.  Only by coming to stillness can the intuitive nudges be received, the innovative and inspired ideas downloaded.

Let’s design a day, a weekend, or a week to help you recharge, refresh, and remember what matters most on this crazy, brilliant journey.


Please contact me for details.

Mastermind Island

Mastermind Island is an intimate, invite-only retreat for leaders and entrepreneurs with hustle and heart.  The first Mastermind Island happened in May 2015, with 18 people from three countries gathering on a small island in the Caribbean for 5 days of connection, learning, and relaxing.

The next MI experience is scheduled for May 12-17, 2016.

Mastermind Island