Private Sessions

Find your calm and raise your game.

Your thoughts and emotions can be your greatest allies — and also your greatest obstacles.

What do you really want?

How do you truly feel — and what might you do about that?

What’s really holding you back?

I hold space for you to pause, reflect, and dive into questions like these. Together, we create an experience helps you find the clarity, calm, and insight you’re looking for.

When you have a safe space to be your full self, you can become your best self.

Private Sessions might be right for you if:

  • You want to improve your presence, communication, and relationships.
  • You want to boost your self-awareness.
  • You want to feel more calm, happy, and less stressed.
  • You want a safe place to be your whole self — where you can express your true thoughts and feelings without fear of being judged.
  • You want to handle your inner critic.
  • You want to know how to deal with emotions — your own, and others.
  • You want to become a more effective leader — calm under pressure, inspiring, and energized.
  • You want to learn how to meet life in a mindful way, so you can surf the intense highs and lows with greater ease.
  • You want to stop being so hard on yourself, and instead learn how to treat yourself with kindness and Exquisite Self-Care while still reaching your goals and performing at a high level.
  • You want to save time by getting personal attention and accountability.

Who I work with.

I’ve helped attorneys, executives, data scientists, hackers, founders, entrepreneurs, engineers, and others.  What do they have in common?

They tend to be analytical thinkers who are passionate about their work and are driven to excel.

They tend to be very hard on themselves, and believe that it’s the only way to stay motivated.

They often fear that if they are kind to themselves they will lose their drive and become lazy — and yet, they are also very aware of the risks of burnout and how their current work-life balance could seriously interfere with their health and relationships.

They have huge hearts, but might not know how to handle emotions — their own, as well as their colleagues and loved ones.

They tend to put others first — clients, company, partner, family — and after giving so much they have little energy left for themselves.

They love to learn and grow, but have very little free time, which is why they want the personal attention and accountability they get from private sessions.

Interested in working with me privately?

If this resonates with you, I’d love to talk and find out if we might be a good fit for each other.  Start by  simply filling out the form below.