Corporate Culture

Work better together.

In a workplace filled with increasing distractions, competing priorities, and a mix of strong personalities, mindfulness training helps teams develop focus, improve communication, and become more effective leaders.

Cultivate a competitive edge.

Increase self-awareness and boost communication skills.  Increase empathy and reduce conflict.  Mindfulness training builds capabilities that improves performance, happiness, and culture.

Great talent doesn’t always translate into effective collaboration or skillful leadership.

Great corporate culture doesn’t happen by accident.

When things move fast and change is both certain and unpredictable, mindfulness can enhance talent and take chemistry to the next level.

Design mindfulness into your culture, professional development program, or corporate off-site and cultivate your competitive edge.

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Results: mindfulness makes a difference.

meditation results

After one 30-minute session, participants report feeling less stressed, and more calm and energized.

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What do you need?

Bring me in for a single intensive training or series of compact, high-leverage sessions.

Let me help you incorporate mindfulness training into your leadership development program.

Design mindfulness into your corporate off-site.

By using meditation and mindfulness to reduce interpersonal friction and increase focus and flow, you bring out the best in your people and cultivate a competitive edge.

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