I learned things don’t always have to be so hard.  I felt less frantic this year, but looking back I am surprised at all the things I was able to accomplish.

LiLing Poh – Attorney, Reed Smith LLP

Kim is a genius at people dynamics, and I don’t mean that figuratively — she applies deep, incisive, relevant, and rapid insight before you realize it’s needed.  Kim makes the cultural trains run on time. And when it’s necessary to shift the tracks, she also has the emotional labor strength of about 8 people.

J Li – Managing Partner, Prototype Thinking Labs

I know the word meditation alone can seem daunting–once I felt that way, too.  If not for Kim’s easy practice to get me started, I’m not sure I would have seen it all the way through.  I assure you that if I hadn’t, I’d probably still be on a construction job site at 3:00am in Kentucky somewhere.  Kim’s meditation and teachings have 100% changed my mindset and my life.

Heath Armstrong – Entrepreneur, Founder of Fist Pumps LLC

Kim has a kind and gentle spirit. She’s not only a great listener but is very insightful. Her patience and guidance over several months of coaching was so valuable both professionally and personally in helping me be more focused and present.  I use the help and coaching she provided to me each and every day and it has made an immeasurable difference in my life!

Suzanne Eastman – VP Brand Leadership, Beachbody LLC

I uncovered strengths and weaknesses that I’ve shoved under the rug, and it feels freeing to now be able to embrace them. Thank you for the way you listen, and share your calm and positive energy.  It was exactly what I needed.

Priya Iyer – Sr. Analytics Lead, Genentech

I want you to know that our interaction changed my life for the better.  I mean it.  100% clarity, emotional stability, abundance in love, light, and opportunity. I am also training for a marathon and getting ready to move to Ibiza in two weeks for our event. You are an incredible spirit filled with joy, love, and light!

Luis Navia – Founder, Oceanic Global

Cultivating calm in our chaotic culture. . . Our lives are becoming faster, busier, more chaotic, with more to balance each day. Kim talked about how and why to take a breath, get centered and slow down. Beyond talking, she had us practice some exercises, tune into our brain/heart/gut and interact with others in the room leaving us feeling calm, connected, empowered — and ready to not just do, but to BE!

Debbie Sommer – Rutherford + Chekene Structural and Geotechnical Engineers

Great program!  Kim is wonderful presenter.  She has an engaging style, and offers real world examples and practical tips that every attorney can relate to.  It was a refreshing change from the typical approach to this topic.

Jill Manning – Partner, Steyer Lowenthal Boodrookas Alvarez & Smith LLP