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No one said it would be easy, but you never expected it to be quite this hard.

Long days of complex problems that no one has the answer to.  Conflict within the team.  Change outside of your control and a crushing schedule you can barely keep up with.  Everyone is depending on you.  Your team, your investors, your customers, your employees.  Your family.

You have a lot to take care of.

But who takes care of you?

The truth is, it’s lonely work and can be very isolating.  You’re under constant pressure to be killing it, while under the surface you’re going through intense highs and lows every day.  And you have to be careful with what you confide, and to whom.

So where do you go when the stress and anxiety start wearing you down? Who can you depend on when your imposter syndrome, inner critic, and self-doubts become too loud?


Every leader and entrepreneur needs Sanctuary — a safe place to simply be, breathe, and re-center.

Taking a strategic time out prevents burnout.  It’s a pause to help you regain focus, so you can show up as the calm, present, and confident leader everyone needs you to be.

You can’t inspire others on an empty tank.

And you can’t run on empty forever.

All the short-term tactics you use to push through and prop yourself up will begin to fail, often with real and severe consequences.

Your health and the health of your business depend on your ability to be present, focused, and calm in chaos.

Sanctuary is where we do the inner work to get you there.  Awareness.  Presence.  Mindfulness.

Sanctuary is where you heal, regain focus, and build resilience.  So you can be more effective and energized when it matters most.

Sanctuary is where you learn to burn bright, and not burn out.

And you need this, because people are counting on you.

You matter, more than you know.

And you’re not alone.

Sanctuary is a guided program designed to give you more focus, presence, and calm in chaos.

Sanctuary is an invitation-only program.  It’s thoughtfully designed and curated to be a safe place, where you can be vulnerable and open about what’s really going on beneath the surface.  You’ll be accepted and supported, and will learn tools and skills to help you be more effective at work.

Sanctuary is for warriors and visionaries — those with heart and hustle, living with passion and purpose.

Even the strongest and most cunning warrior needs a safe place to rest, and rebuild strength.  The greatest visionary must have a safe place to rest, to tend to the ground beneath their feet.

You give so much of yourself to others, and to your work.  That’s why it’s so easy — and so common — for leaders and entrepreneurs to burn out.

So much is riding on your shoulders.

Take care of business by taking care of yourself.

things don't have to be so hard

Who It’s For

Sanctuary is an invitation-only program for purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs who want expert guidance in cultivating focus, presence, and calm.  The master keys to this program are meditation, mindfulness, and a commitment to self-care.  You will learn to use these keys to unlock more focus, presence, and calm.

These keys may also heighten self-awareness, improve your communication skills, and develop your emotional intelligence.  This lets you handle emotions better, cultivate empathy, and work better with your team.

Sanctuary could be right for you if:

You are leading a team and know that being more calm, focused, and present will make you more effective.

You feel that being hard on yourself has made you successful — without anxiety and a harsh inner tone, you’re afraid you’d become lazy or lose your edge or motivation — but you don’t want to burn out.

You want a safe place to learn new ways of handling stress, emotions, and your inner critic.

You’re willing to invest four hours a month to prevent burn out and a be in a safe place to get support.

Sanctuary is not right for you if:

You’re unwilling to do the work and actively engage in the teachings and practices.

You just don’t have four hours a month for self-care, skill building, and burnout prevention.


great start to the day

What You Get

Expert guidance to help you cultivate greater focus, presence, and calm.

Learn techniques to help you feel centered and grounded.

You’ll have my personal attention and guidance to support you along the way.

The key topics we’ll cover:

  • Focus — learn techniques that strengthen focus naturally
  • Calm — how to keep an even keel when you’re under pressure and life is crazy
  • Presence — how to be present, and how to cultivate an influential presence with others

Self-Care is of the utmost importance.  Everything you learn and practice will be framed from a perspective of deep self-care.

What Others Say About My Work

Stacey H., Director, Change Leadership at a Fortune 50 company, after participating in my classes:

You created a great following here. I’ve been practicing 5 minutes each morning since the beginning of the year.  I’ve found that centering myself and giving myself that time at the beginning of each day makes a great start. I’ve even used the ninja skills you taught to calm myself before some stressful interactions at work. I am forever grateful our paths crossed and that I have such an insightful skill to take with me everywhere.


Primoz Bozic, entrepreneur and IWT Accelerator coach, after attending my retreat:

primoz - after island


Jessica, attorney, about my Continuing Legal Education program for Lawline:

mindfulness lawyers lawline


Teresa Torres, Product Coach and Writer at Product Talk, about my book:

teresa torres book review

Your Guide & Instructor

Kim Nicol - silicon valley meditation teacherKim Nicol, J.D., is a sought-after meditation teacher and mindfulness coach.  Her clients include start-up founders and teams, Fortune 500 executives, Big Law attorneys, and entrepreneurs.  She has taught at Dropbox, Symantec, McKesson, General Assembly, Hustle Con, and the Hive Global Leaders Program.  She is the author of Offering:  The Gentle Power of Mindfulness to Awaken the Love, Calm, and Wonder in Everyday Life.

Kim currently leads People Ops at venture foundry Factory X in San Francisco.  She is a former attorney.



This program is currently closed.

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