Coming Soon:  The Montpelier Sessions

Listen to this sample audio from my upcoming release, The Montpelier Sessions, recorded during my teaching week in the West Indies in May 2014.


5 mindful minutes:  Learn to Meditate

I can teach you the basic recipe for the meditation practice that has helped me and many others.  The core habit is 5 mindful minutes each day.  This program includes 7 guided meditations and instructions for building a daily practice.  Perfect for busy Type-As who want clear direction without the woo-woo, esoteric language, or new-age background music.

Learn more at


Glad to Be Alive:  Happy Birthday Meditation

This track was recorded and given as a birthday gift.


Sustainable Success:  Mindfulness for Lawyers

My 60-min program for Continuing Education of the Bar.  It’s now available for free!  Most attorneys are content to complain or suffer in silence.  For a fresh perspective and tools that can make a real difference in you career and life, watch my talk.

Sustainable Success: Mindfulness for Lawyers - CEB


The Silver Forest:  A Meditation to Ease Physical Pain

I collaborated with author and illustrator Elizabeth Beier on this project.  She created this film version of a book she made for a friend who was going through chemo.  Cancer has touched my family, and so it was with much love that I narrated this story.


Future of Food Hackathon

I led a yoga session at the Future of Food Hackaton in November 2013.  Check out this video to see highlights of the event.