Workshops & Team Off-sites:  Planning an off-site for 30-100+ people?  Want an outside speaker for a fun, interactive workshop? Kim’s workshops let your team connect with each other, gain personal insights, and develop the soft-skills they need to be their best every day.  Topics include:  Mindfulness, Essential Skills for New Managers, Leadership, Values, Communication.

“I believe that I can speak for the team and tell you how much we appreciated your presentation. In fact, when we established our team goals for FY2020 we decided to incorporate mindfulness into our daily activities.”

Leslie F., Office of the General Counsel at Viavi Solutions


Facilitation:  Independent, expert facilitation for better leadership team meetings.  Keep conversation on track.  Make it easier for quieter folks to be heard, and louder folks to listen.  Get more out of your time together.  Facilitation makes things easier.

“Really liked Kim’s teaching style. She created a very engaging and dynamic environment to learn from my leadership team.”

Lewis M., Sales Engineering Manager at Fastly


Programs:  The 5-week group coaching program for New Managers is designed for remote students.

“I took Kim’s New Managers Course and I just have to say Kim is one of the most encouraging teachers I’ve ever had. Not only did she create a collaborative and supportive learning environment during our weekly sessions, but she provided me with tailored talk tracks for expressing yourself in difficult situations, concrete tools for navigating tough conversations, etc. Can’t recommend her enough!”

Rachel J., Account Manager at Pinterest


1:1 Coaching:  A sounding board and personalized support for your growth and professional development.  Common themes include:  managing humans, self-doubt and confidence, your personal narrative.  Learn more here.

“Kim is an extremely compassionate coach. She creates a super safe space for people to get better!”

Judi T., Marketing Manager at LinkedIn


Kim’s students and clients work at companies that include: