New Managers

“The quality of relationships at work determines the actual quality of our work and our overall ability to succeed.”

Esther Perel

I teach several public workshops for new managers at General Assembly.  Each class is holistic, without attempting to be comprehensive.  You’ll get a high-level overview for a shift in perspective, as well as some key practical tools to implement right away.

Being a great manager takes a new mindset and skill set.  I help you gain both.  Become a more effective communicator, develop a flexible style, learn how to work with different personalities, and understand frameworks for giving (and receiving) feedback.  Feel more confident as your grow your abilities.

Classes are livestreamed and open to students around the world.  My teaching schedule is updated each quarter.  You’ll find my upcoming classes posted on GA’s website.

One of the benefits to joining a public class is the opportunity to meet and learn with people in diverse industries and organizations.  It will expand your thinking, so you come away with deeper insights.

These workshops are open to all, whether or not you have direct reports.

The most powerful seat is the one you’re sitting in.  You have more ability than you realize to influence those around you.

The New Manager Podcast

I created The New Manager Podcast for my students, and anyone who wants to grow as a manager.  Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and

What Students Are Saying


Student Body

I’m proud to have worked with more than 1,000 students through my new manager workshops.  My students live throughout the US, and around the world.  They work in diverse industries and organizations, including:

My students care about their teams and are inspired to grow as leaders, and I am here for that.

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