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I’m glad you’re here.

It’s easy to be hard on yourself.

It’s easy to get caught in your thoughts — comparing yourself to others, feeling like you’re not good enough, thinking that you’re not where you “should” be.

Remember to treat yourself with kindness.

Speak to yourself as if you were a good friend.
I promise you won’t lose your edge or your drive.

It’s not always easy, being a Human.

Practice slowing down.  Practice boundaries.  Practice self-care.

Practice loving yourself, and your life.

All of it.

Even the rough spots.

Even the parts that are hard to love.

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I’ve helped nuclear engineers, attorneys, executives, and start-up founders learn how to be present, mindful, and kind with themselves.  The beauty is that they discover more focus, energy, and joy along the way.

Meditation and mindfulness is powerful and it works — though it can be hard to know how to begin.

Let me show you.  I’d love to share these practices and tools with you, too.

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