Mindfulness Resources for the Center for Sustainable Energy

Welcome!  It was such a treat to be a part of your 2019 All-Hands.  Thanks for having me visit to share some of my favorite mindfulness tools, stories, and practices with you

I’ve put this together to support your continued exploration and practice.

As you tend to and care for your own ability to be present, curious, and kind, it benefits you as well as all those around you — at work, in your community, and in your personal life.



Remember:  being mindful means placing your attention in the present moment with curiosity and kindness.  That means it is always available to you.



Also:  there are many ways to practice being mindful.  Perhaps when you go for a walk, or are cooking, or drawing, or playing with your kids, or simply having a drink of water.


Free Program:  Meditate Every Day for a Week

Free 5-min Meditation on Love, Perfection, and the Joy of Being Alive

My book, Offering:  The Gentle Power of Mindfulness to Awaken the Love, Calm, and Wonder in Everyday Life

Simple Habit, an app with lots of meditations — including some by me, specifically for work.  Just search my name to find my content.  Here’s a code to get 2 months free of all the premium content:

Lawline: if you are a lawyer, get your MCLE credit as well as guidance for using mindfulness to help manage stress and keep you healthy: https://www.lawline.com/course/sustainable-success-the-ethics-of-burnout-stress-and-substance-abuse-in-the-legal-profession