Corporate Solutions

Meditation and Mindfulness helps you focus on business.

Silicon Valley leaders and innovators come to me when they want to learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness.

Your attention is under constant assault:  there are more distractions and demands for your attention than ever before.

It’s no surprise that start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike are looking to meditation and mindfulness for relief.  It’s a scientifically proven way to increase resilience, cognitive function, and reduce stress.  It develops emotional intelligence so teams communicate more effectively.  Being calm and clear-sighted under pressure and changing conditions is a core characteristic of our most powerful leaders.

Invest in your business by developing your leaders. . . at every level. Give them tools that improve insight, relationships, and resilience in the face of change and challenge.

I deliver talks and workshops designed to educate, inspire and engage.  I’ve taught meditation and mindfulness to hackers, designers, lawyers, and executives.

For select corporate clients, I teach weekly meditation classes on-site.   Once they learn the basics, they start applying it strategically to their work life in order to raise their game and lead with their best self when it matters most.  Corporate students use these tools before client meetings, presentations, performance reviews, or any time they’re feeling off-center and over-extended.  Mindfulness helps you stay focused on the task at hand while keeping the mission in mind.  It raises the emotional intelligence of the team, allowing greater trust and efficient collaboration while reducing interpersonal friction.

Here is a partial list of organizations where I have presented or taught:

Berkeley Law
Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County
Continuing Education of the Bar
AIDS Legal Referral Panel
Calvin Klein Performance

Contact me if you would like to bring me on-site for a talk, training, or program.